Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stop! Don’t Waste 1000’s of $ on Weight Loss Supplements, Diet Pills, Fad Diets to “Lose Weight before Your Wedding”?

Just imagine how you would look in your wedding photograph with that double chin & all the fat around your belly?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. And it is not your fault either; we can show you how to get rid of that double chin & Lose unnecessary Weight before your Wedding & have you posing for that big picture with sheer excitement. This is not going to take months & months; it could be done within weeks.

You are only a victim in this vicious system, which is being propagated by the big pharmaceutical companies of the world, to rake in all the big bucks. Did you know that, 750 Million people in the world are over weight? Of this 250 Million are of the US, that’s 2/3 of America. “God Bless America”. Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year.

If you are like me, you would have tried most of the supplements, pills & programs out there to “Lose Weight before Your Wedding” & failed miserably. Overweight people spend a considerable amount of money annually on these so called products, some amounts to 1000’s of Dollars. But as you have already experienced, they plainly don’t work.

Losing Weight before Your Wedding is not a big issue, if you stick to the right methods.

Don’t waste your hard earned bucks on the following methods, as they plainly don’t work.

  1. Weight Loss Pills Most of the Americans resorted to weight loss pills to shed pounds. However they are not beneficial as the ads claims. They do more harm than good. Many pills simply drain the necessary fluid content of your body making your feel thin and losing weight. But the unnecessary body fats are still there? Some of the pills curb your hunger and the craving will disappear automatically. But is starving a solution? Absolutely not. Most of these pills contain “Caffeine” as an ingredient, an element that naturally curd hunger and increases metabolism. But why do you spend 1000’s of dollars for this? When it can simply be taken from a cup of coffee.

  1. Pharmaceutical Weight Loss – This is a tricky issue as they are the real culprits that are formulating this vicious system for selling their junk to innocent people, who want to Lose Weight before their Wedding, and earning mega bucks. This is a Billion Dollar industry and they will cover up what ever scientific evidences that is against their “so called” weight loss products.

Who, in their right mind would tell that the one & only way to Lose Weight before Wedding is to take some chemical compound? Do you think that your body will accept it? No way. Even if you lose some weight, it will be back as soon as you stop taking these compounds. So don’t waste your precious bucks on this kind of junk.

  1. Ab Exercise Equipment - The latest ab machine will make you lose 70lbs in 12days? Do you believe this? What crap! Abs doesn’t make you look fit, only having a low body fat to muscle ratio makes you fit. The biggest joke here is that the actors posing in the ads do not use this equipment themselves. They are paid mega bucks to promote this equipment. Pity for the gullible customer. Sure you may be able to build your ab muscle to a certain extent, but it has noting to do with the fat that covers up your whole body.

  1. Hollywood Diets, Atkins Diet, Grapefruit Diets & Cookie Diets -

Lose 7 Inches in 7 Days”
“Lose 15lbs in a Week”
“Look Like Angelina Jolie if You Drink This Formula”

Surely you may have heard of the above? They are all quick, unsustainable an unhealthy Lose Weight programs. Sure you can lose weight quickly, but the same can be achieved if you starve for 24 hours. Are they sustainable? No. What they do is take out the water weight of the body and as soon as you resort to taking food, you get your weight back.

Can you Lose Weight before Your Wedding, by eating cookies? Are there healthy cookies? All B.S.

Atkins Diet - Devised by late Dr Robert Atkins is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Theory is simple. When you cut on carbs, your body is forced to burn body fat deposits for energy. However, doctors are still at odds with the long term health problems of this sort of diet. A recent CBC Radio report indicates that there is a significant increase in serious health problems relating to kidney and heart in individuals following these types of diets.

So, as you read above those types of programs don’t work in weight loss. After a thorough research done online and offline including 100’s of products and programs, below 3 products were found to be the “Most Effective” to Lose Weight before Your Wedding. If you want to save precious bucks from being spent on unsuccessful weight loss products, I suggest you read through these products and try them yourself & see the difference. They don’t make unbelievable promises, such as “Lose 50lbs in 3 Days” etc, but they have a more realistic approach to Lose Weight in the Least Possible Time before Your Wedding.


  1. Strip That Fat

A realistic program which advocates the right diet to losing those pounds. Eating smaller meals for 5 times a day is more beneficial to eating 3 times a day. If you follow their diet plan, which is created by their unique online Diet Generator, and there are 40,000 such diet plans for you to choose, they guarantee a 2lbs loss of PURE FAT per week. And it is an ongoing process, where you lose a minimum of 2lbs of PURE FAT per week until you arrive at your desired weight level. It is real fat that you will be losing when you use their diet plans and not mere water weight.   Some people using their program have lost 14lbs in less than 3 weeks.

  • Exactly Why Your Last Diet Didn’t Work

  • What to Eat and When to Eat for Maximum Weight Loss
  • How to Manipulate and Control Your Body to Become a Weight Loss Machine
  • How You Can Eat More and Lose More
  • How to Trick Your Body into Being “Full”
  • Why they Recommend You Add Breakfast Back to Your Diet
  • How to Lose Weight While Eating Out

Pros – Realistic, simple and inexpensive and very effective. Online Diet Generator is a unique advantage.

Cons – Not dramatic – such as “Lose 50lbs in 3 Days” Typing errors and unpolished.

Price - Gold Version – 47USD, Platinum Version- 57USD

Rating -   9.9/10


     2. Fat Burning Furnace -

A realistic program some what similar to Strip That Fat. But advocates the right diet with the right amount of exercise to losing those extra pounds. They show you the 5 big truths of fast and Permanent Fat Loss.

    • First is the plain fact that it's fat you need to lose... not weight. If you actually lose weight on most of the fad diets out there, you lose mostly water... not fat. You're not getting healthier... You're just getting dangerously dehydrated!

      • Low carb diets will not make you lose fat in the long run because they rob your body of energy thus making it too hard to follow.  Low fat diets are worse, putting even more fat on you!  The only way to drop the fat is by eating the right foods... in the right amounts... and at the right time. Sounds complicated, I know... but it's really simple!

        • Long, boring cardio exercise... four or even six times per week is the worst way to burn fat. If you know this little secret, it's now possible to burn five times the belly fat exercising just 45 minutes per week. Not per day... I said per week!

          • Celebrity-endorsed boxed food diets are expensive, and slow. That means you have to keep paying for months! Plus... the ads skip over the part about you still having to buy your own vegetables! That's hundred $ more each month!  
          • Restrictive dieting (AKA starving yourself) is not only stupid and dangerous... but it doesn't really work! Why go to bed hungry when there's a delicious way to “tickle your system” into burning fat all night long... while you sleep the night away?

        Pros – Realistic, simple and inexpensive and very effective, short term and long term benefits.. Quick workouts with no warm up required, just 20 – 25 minutes in length, Access to the author if you get stuck

        Cons –. Exercises require weights which you either need to buy or be a member of a gym to get access to, unless you use the bodyweight exercises which do not cover everything

        Price – $39.97 or $69.97 with videos

        Rating -   9.6/10


        Dr. Suzanne Gundakunst shows how you could lose weight by cleansing your colon of parasites and getting rid of body plaque. Also she shows your 'Metabolic Type Plan' - this is a unique thing a lot of people don't know about. It basically tells you how to work out what kind of food your body likes to burn so you can adjust your eating habits.
        Her website will show you..... THE REAL REASON WHY YOU ARE FAT -

          • The reason you can’t Lose Weight has nothing to do with your Will Power, Over Eating or the so called Right Diet. The reason you are fat and unhealthy is because you have disgusting Plaque and horrible little Critters living in your gut.

        Pros – Inexpensive and very effective. This coupled with one of the above Diet Plans might be just what the doctor ordered for you. Both coupled will have a tremendous effect on Losing that Extra Fat and Keeping it permanently.

        Cons - You have to stick to the plan and be dedicated, and it requires a high level of commitment which will not be liked by many people.

        Price - Elite Version- $37, Hardcore Pro version with Videos - $67.

        Rating-   10/10


        Last but not least, on a long term the best solution for Losing Your Weight before the Wedding, would be to use product-3 coupled with either product-1 or product-2. This would help cleanse your colon and rid it of parasites and plaque, which is the real reason that keeps you fat. Also by using the innovative, effective diet plans and exercises in product-1 or 2, you would be able to maintain this new found lean body permanently.